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The Woodinville City Council incumbents are

Bad 4 Woodinville

Wondering how the Woodinville City Council got so out of step with the people who live here? The short answer is this: One seat after another, councilmembers moved away or quit, and the remaining majority usually appointed poorly qualified cronies to replace them. This has happened five times in the last three-plus years, resulting in a 6-to-1 majority that prioritizes consolidation of power rather than strong neighborhoods, adulation rather than stewardship.

Below are some insights into the individual incumbents -- who DON'T deserve your vote -- in their own words.

Position 1: DON'T vote for Phil Mark.

Preservation of the world-class farmland between Woodinville and Redmond is one of the most important environmental issues Woodinville and King County will ever face. Phil Mark calls our local farm preservation group NIMBYs.

Position 3: DON'T vote for Rachel Best-Campbell.

Woodinville's current character, with stable neighborhoods and preservation of one-house-per-acre zoning, is the legacy of residents who worked hard for many years to define and protect that character. Rachel Best-Campbell supports developers over citizens, while simultaneously taking credit for accomplishments that were actually achieved by others before she came on the scene as a crony appointee.

Rachel Best-Campbell has repeatedly criticized the legal fight Woodinville undertook to prevent overdevelopment of the Wellington Hills Golf Course. However, that apparently doesn't mean that she opposes lawsuits -- she's the principal cause of at least one lawsuit against the city that are being paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Rachel Best-Campbell doesn't understand basic issues like climate change. Watch as she states (emphatically) that Woodinville should fight climate change by banning plastic bags and plastic straws, reducing fertilizer, and reducing watering.

Rachel Best-Campbell lies a lot. That's a problem: Lies never turn into good public policy. This video shows seven examples of this strong facet of Rachel Best-Campbell's character.

Rachel Best-Campbell is a bully, a victim, and a flip-flopper. This video showcases several examples each for these three facets of Rachel Best-Campbell's character.

Position 7: DON'T vote for Gary Harris.

Gary Harris supports developers over citizens. This video showcases several votes in which Gary Harris supported give-aways to developers that are not in the interests of Woodinville's citizens.

Gary Harris can seem friendly and chatty, but keep listening: there's no "there" there. This video underscores Gary's tendency to talk about himself. What it doesn't show, because it would take too long, is that his ability to discuss public policy issues is very poor.

In the November 2021 elections, the Woodinville City Council incumbents are bad for Woodinville. They don't deserve your support.

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